SUKHA Is defined as comfort and joy.

The Sukha Sac was designed to provide comfort and warmth  to your body and ease your mind!

Our bodies are a gift, at times the body suffers from muscular pain, exhaustion and wear and tear. The sukha sac is a therapeutic support to help restore your body to a pain-free state.

Our mission is an invitation of creating a  “SPA experience” in the comfort of your own home, your office or in your car. The “original belly sac “ was designed to release muscle cramping. The weight of the bag allows for the belly to release its muscle  contractions  and support to lean into for comfort.

The sukha sac can be heated or frozen. The bags are filled with flax seeds and pure essential oils. The flax seed promotes maximum retention of heat and cold, it never dries out. The oils have a physical and emotional healing component, enhancing the therapeutic experience of SUKHA TIME!