Welcome to Nourish your Soul™ with Brandee Safran.

A powerful new way to RECLAIM YOUR JOY!
Are you ready to light up your life from the inside?

What if…there was a way to stay connected to your LIGHT – whenever you wanted?

What if you could tap into a source of power that creates JOY, a state of BLISS
radiating from within, no matter WHAT is happening around you?

We all weather storms, in our spiritual, emotional and physical bodies.

What if, when you are in the midst of a downpour of hardships, you KNEW it was just a chance to




Nourish Your Soul™ is a membership & practice that will teach you to: tap into your own sunshine – no matter the rain or storms of life.

Celebrate the gift of being alive!

Celebrate yourself. We know we should be grateful, and logically DEEP DOWN we ARE, but why do we sometimes feel weary? Longing for a change, asking of ourselves “there must be more to life than this?

“SO many of us are in a constant state of OVERWHELM, stress, worry and anxiety about the future, and we carry hurts from our past.
Sometimes, though…we can experience boredom, tiredness, humdrum, and in a space of “I hate this” or “I wish I could escape from this, or I wish I could change this….”In the day to day, we can so easily forget the MAGIC and EVERYDAY SACREDNESS that surrounds us at ALL TIMES.

What if, instead of hitting that snooze alarm or dragging your feet, you greeted each day with excitement, and enthusiasm with childlike WONDER. What if you knew how to connect to your continual strength from the INSIDE?

But it takes more than WISHING…

It is a Practice!

 We know we need to nourish our BODY. With healthy food, movement, stretching, and challenging our bodies in new ways to – maintain a healthy body, this vehicle that carries us through this life, houses our souls!

What we neglect is nourishing our actual SOUL. And just like we cannot eat one apple and do one exercise that will sustain our body for the rest of our lives, we need to nourish our souls with a regular PRACTICE.

Like anything else it is like a muscle that requires work and growth, and development, and with the right tools, and guidance, you can learn to call upon your sunshine at ANY time, no matter what is happening around you….

Whether you are seeking comfort from loneliness, work, physical limitations, anxiety or depression …


Nourish your soul™, is a UNIQUE program that Nourishes your SOUL and the precious body that houses your soul! So you feel in ALIGNMENT. And when you feel in alignment, there is a sense of clarity and POWER, a confidence that comes from within and beams outward for all.

The good news: This practice can be FUN, Joyful and you will be supported by an amazing community!

Nourish your Soul™ is built on 3 pillars:


Soul Enrichment

Where you will shift your perceptions, learn new mindsets, daily practices and a new level of self awareness guided to create your own Everyday Sacredness™ practice. Each month we cover a new theme and these classes are there to enlighten and also give you practical TOOLS for integrating the teaching into your life, so you can experience the benefits every single day! As you grow with Nourish your soul™, you will integrate these concepts into your life with carefully curated themes and classes, exercises, and a practice that you will be able to carry with you.

Sacred Sisterhood

You will be Uplifted, supported through deep connections and meaningful friendships. Imagine KNOWING you belong, feeling perfect just as you are, being surrounded by women just like you! Now, more than EVER, we need to cultivate tight knit communities, to be surrounded by people who care for us, encourage our growth, and help us rise! Nourish your Soul™ has a VERY SPECIAL community of women all tapping into their DIVINE femininity!! Perfectly imperfect, Come and see!

Strong Body (House)

Regular Yoga and meditation classes, (3 x per month) with a master yoga practitioner with over 20 years of experience to align body and soul. Awaken your Feminine power, feminine body and release body tensions.

When you join Nourish your Soul™ with Brandee, you will:

Have FULL access to the membership portal, that has a ALL classes, including masterclasses, yoga classes, guided mediations and the private FB group!

Nourish your Soul™ Membership is only 80$ per month.

You will have access to a MASTERCLASS each and every month with a Master teacher in areas related to yoga philosophy, positive psychology, meditation, pelvic health, science of habit change, tantra for women, knowing your love language, basics of astrology, immune health, nutrition, and Nourishing your Soul ™.


FEEL More EXCITED!!! A newfound sense of enthusiasm and vitality for life!

Find comfort and ease in your body, when you are feeling stressed , anxiousness, discomfort or pain you will have a toolbox of practices to bring yourself back to alignment.

A deeper connection to your SELF, your body, your soul, your heart. And love. WAY MORE self love.

Make pleasure something that you explore every single day, through methods that are fulfilling and rich, rather than through temporary fillers such as food or drink. YOU are the LIGHT that you seek.

Build friendships for Life!!!


Calm and tranquil!!


Reclaim your power and,live from that state of EASE, Rather than DISEASE. 

The zoom live classes are dedicated to integrating the theme of the month.

In a zoom live class the class consists of

–       yoga and gentle movement

–       guided mediation

–       Exploration of the theme of the month

–       group sharing

   –    question and answer period

Sometime we just have to take leap of faith and try something totally new.

You deserve to be truly happy, calm, and spiritually free. 


This Program Includes


Weekly live guided meditation practice 

Three live zoom
classes a month

Recorded classes
for members only

Full library of meditation
and yoga practices


Monthly Master health professional guest speakers 

Each month we will cultivate
a healthy habit change

Private Facebook
support group

Knowing you belong

Customers reviews

Nourish yourself by enrolling!

Brandee is a certified yoga therapist and certified life coach. She has been transforming lives for over 25 years. She guides her students to achieve their highest potential and to find joy and purpose in their lives!

Upcoming Masterclasses

Nadine Joy

Love languages and You

August 23rd


Joy Stone


September 13th

Robin Golt

Nourish the Soul that Nourishes You

(A yogic view of your relationship to your Self)

October 11th

Fatima Zahra Layla

Tantra for Feminine Embodiement

November 10th



Nourish Your Soul


Nourish Your Soul
(3 months)



Catie Clapp

Breath as an act of self-love

August 9th

Life coach, movement therapist and  co-owner of Willow Wellness, a holistic wellness centre located in the village of Richmond.

My lifetime of using my body as a machine to perform and perfect had me experiencing my body from the outside in, rather than the inside out. By going into the body through breath and other embodiment practices, the conscious mind softens, allowing us to tune into our body wisdom to heal current stress, and past wounds.

I believe that when pain shows up in the body, it is a beacon bringing us back home to heal some unresolved emotional pain. Breathwork has allowed me to become more present and live moments as they come rather than using past data to project future outcomes. I believe everyone has the capacity to heal themselves-it is coming back to the tools that are so easily accessible to us (breath and body). When we breathe out stale air and honour moments that may have been painful for us, we make room for fresh new air. It is that exchange of energy that allows us to feel more joy, more love and more freedom!

Nadine Joy collins

Love Languages and You

August 23rd

Have you ever wondered what your love language is? What you may need to feel more loved and valued? How we can show love to ourselves and others and in what ways we can receive love from those with different love languages? 

I have always had a passion for learning, dancing, community, and love! I believe that love is an universal language connecting us all and the love we need to nurture in ourselves is so important. Discovering your love language may allow for more understanding on how we can fill our own love tank and to communicate to others what we need in our various relationships. 

My background is in Science, Psychology, counseling, community and educational settings.

I am an entrepreneur, GROOVE facilitator and Ambassador, Laughter Yoga leader, Chair, Gentle and Yin Yoga teacher, Reiki Level 1 student, community centre coordinator, day camp director and workshop facilitator and book lover!

Joy Stone


September 13th

Mukti is a Sanskrit word that means liberation, or inner freedom. It is this freedom that the aim of our spiritual practice. But too many of us are not living as happy, joyous and free beings. Instead, we are controlled by our mental and emotional compulsions, or patterns. From the yogic perspective, all suffering begins at the level of the mind. So what do we do?  How do we experience the freedom and joy that is ours to claim in an ever changing world? How do we overcome the narratives, and limiting beliefs, of a constantly active, and conditioned mind? How do we separate ourselves from our habits, and develop our confidence, wisdom and joy? 
In this special mastermind class, Joy will teach you:

– Why discernment is the antidote to all human suffering, and how to cultivate it
– The three misperceptions about anxiety and the universal solution to fear
– The mindset shift necessary to experience lasting freedom, and joy
– How to feel confident and in control of your life- even on the hard days.


Joy Stone is a professional speaker, a mindset and spiritual life coach, and a positive psychology and yoga therapy practitioner. Known for her ability to deliver spiritual teachings in a practical and modern way, Joy works closely with spiritual seekers who have tried everything to solve of their anxiety, have found relief, but still struggle to feel confident and in control of their lives.
Joy shares her professional experience with the world through workshops, retreats, books, and speaking engagements. 
She received her positive psychology education at the Whole-Being Institute under Harvard Professor Tal Ben-Shahar, and her yoga teaching certification under the Anusara style – a therapeutic application of yoga philosophy and practice.
Joy lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with her husband, Eric, and son, Jack. 

Robin Golt

Understanding the Soul through Yoga philosophy

October 11th

Robin has a unique ability to bring the deeper teachings of yoga alive.  With refreshing honesty and humour she manages to make these relevant to our daily, lived experience, and helps us tap into a clearer, more luminous space within ourselves.


Robin teaches a full spectrum of yogic practices, including asana, meditation, chanting, and the study of yoga and non-dual tantric philosophy. Into all of these she skillfully integrates the transformative wisdom teachings of yoga.


Robin has been teaching throughout Canada and internationally since 1992.  She has led numerous yoga immersion and teacher training programs (at both the 200-hr and 300-hr levels).  


These days, she is especially in demand as a meditation and yoga philosophy instructor.  



Fatima Zahra Layla

Tantra for feminine embodiement

November 10th

My name is Fatima Zahra Layla and I go by Fati. I have been trained as a Journey Dance Facilitator, Emotional Transformation Method Coach, Developmental trauma Coach, and True Story Playback Theater Actor. Moreover, I have a longing and dedication to support the re-birth of a more integrated inclusive world that values the feminine and that honors our interdependence.

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