Nourish your Soul Workshop

Nourish your Soul Workshop

Woman’s Circle

Knowing the truth of who YOU are is an empowering strength that keeps you connected to all your values, strengths, and infinite potential of LOVE!
Love is the essence of who we are, we witness love’s power every day, in the flowers growing in the sidewalk cracks, in the sunrise, in embracing a friend after a year of social distancing..
At the end of our lives what really matters is “How well did we LOVE?”
When we TAP into the force of love, healing can occur, forgiveness is possible and serenity floods the body.
When we EMBODY LOVE we CONNECT to our wholeness, and our lives transform.
Come join me for this FREE woman’s gathering on Nourishing your Soul
August 31st 8:00- 9:15 pm.
-You will learn what blocks you from self-love
– How to return to LOVE all through your day.
A WOMAN only workshop.
This event is FREE.
Registration is REQUIRED for zoom link.
In Sacredness, 



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