My Body, My Health, My Wealth Masterclass

Are you a woman, a coach, a teacher, or a healer, and you sometimes doubt your gifts or ask yourself the question…


Or do you compare yourself with other coaches and healers while dimming your own light?”

Well, let me tell you that…



Did you know that 85% of women experience self-doubt?

It’s that voice that constantly doubts your expertise, your worthiness, and your uniqueness.

It’s the voice that tells you “you’re a fraud” and you are not as skilled as your colleagues.

But what if I tell you there is a way to eliminate your self-doubts and feel empowered to take your next step?

Are you ready to start building wealth in your business by supercharging your body and health?

You don’t want to miss this   FREE   Master class Saturday Aug 27th  10am -12 pm.

Come with an open mind and heart, and stay committed to your self-growth; you will have a wonderful experience.

With Light and love, 

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Brandee Safran

Yoga Therapist, Life coach, and Sacred Business Mentor

P.S - It makes me sad 🙁 that so many talented teachers, coaches, and healers lack belief in themselves and therefore don’t bring their gifts to light.
When you have the clarity and the confidence radiating from you, nothing can stop you, and the world can finally benefit from the light you are here to shine.  😍