Welcome to INSPIRED

Welcome, dear one. We want you to be free, wise and wild.

Our wish that you free yourself from the bonds of self-judgment and of self-sabotage.

We want you to feel free to be yourself, in your wildness, joyousness, and in the love that you are.

Free - to finally open to joyously offering your gifts and your love to the world.

Our offering: Come join a community Inspired Wise Women who are passionate about living life in a Sacred Way, with Sacred Trust and with Vision for themselves and for the World!

We invite you into this circle to be nourished by Sisterhood and the desire to rise together as a community of Women and create the bonds of Sisterhood.
We believe each woman is born with an inherent unique and special purpose. Each one offered particular paths, experiences and gifts with which to accomplish their mission in this lifetime..
We believe that the weaving together of our collective wisdom will undoubtedly be alchemy for us all turning what may be difficulties or untapped potential into gold.
We believe that witnessing to one another's hearts and fierce courage, holding space for one anther is an environment of sacred trust to transform the world!
Our collectivity holds a precious and ancient medicine born of the Light, through the wisdom of the Heart.
Join us in the embrace of community, where you will find safety and the soothing companionship of other Wisdom Seekers,

Life Bearers and Life Givers.
Ready to tap into your own Inspired Wise Woman within?



Inspired Wise  Woman Leadership™ is a membership & practice that will nourish your soul and to tap into your own light, offer you the belonging of community and help you tap into your own unique gifts and Light.



Celebrate the gift of being alive!

Celebrate yourself. We know we should be grateful, and logically DEEP DOWN we ARE, but why do we sometimes feel weary? Longing for a change, asking of ourselves “there must be more to life than this?

“SO many of us are in a constant state of OVERWHELM, stress, worry and anxiety about the future, and we carry hurts from our past.
Sometimes, though…we can experience boredom, tiredness, humdrum, and  find ourselves in a space of “I hate this” or “I wish I could escape from this, or I wish I could change this….”In the day to day, we can so easily forget the MAGIC and EVERYDAY SACREDNESS that surrounds us at ALL TIMES.

What if, instead of hitting that snooze alarm or dragging your feet, you greeted each day with excitement and enthusiasm with childlike WONDER. What if you knew how to connect to your continual strength from the INSIDE?

But it takes more than WISHING… find 

It is a Practice!

 We know we need to nourish our BODY. With healthy food, movement, stretching, and challenging our bodies in new ways to – maintain a healthy body, this vehicle that carries us through this life, houses our souls!

What we neglect  doing is nourishing our actual SOUL. And just like we cannot eat one apple and do one exercise that will sustain our body for the rest of our lives, we need to nourish our souls with a regular PRACTICE.

Like anything else Soul nourishing like a muscle that requires work and growth, and development.  With the right tools, and guidance, you can learn to call upon your sunshine at ANY time, no matter what is happening around you….

If  you are seeking comfort and connection and want to find yourself in a place of authenticity, joy, support, love and sharing. f 

Inspired Wise Woman leaderhip™, is a UNIQUE program that Nourishes your SOUL and the precious body that houses your soul! So you feel in ALIGNMENT. And when you feel in alignment, there is a sense of clarity and POWER, a confidence that comes from within and beams outward for all.

The good news: This practice can be FUN, Joyful and you will be supported by a wonderful community of Inspired Wise Women,  just like you!




Brandee Safran uses life’s journey as a vehicle for healing. Through yoga, positive mindset and meditation she offers her students a journey into exploring their bodies through conscious movement, developing new skills to bring an increased state of pure joy in day to day living!

Embarking on the spiritual path at age 16, Brandee has been committed to investigating yoga’s qualities of healing through life’s challenges. She states that contractions are her expertise and learning to expand from their compression force are the very gifts of the practice of healing through yoga.

Returning to wholeness, celebrating limitations and releasing the surreal vision of perfection. Through her years of study and practice, Brandee has expanded her practice and has pioneered many programs, such as yoga for digestive heath, yoga for pelvic floor awakening, women’s school of ecstatic awakening, leading workshops in recovery, coaching leadership trainings and developed a program to NOURISH YOUR SOUL. She is also the creator of Sukha Sac- therapeutic flax bags! She is passionate about helping her students rediscover the BEAUTY and ECSTASY that is inherent in human life!



Susan Greenspan is a certified naturopath and has been since 1995. She has worked in private practice and served over 11 years in the Natural Health industry. Her Naturopathy encompasses body mind and soul balance through the modalities of food and herb education, supplements, hands-on energy-based therapies, private and group retreats, drumming circles, guided meditations and workshops.  Over the years she has developed knowledge of the Ancient Healing Arts, incorporating Shamanism, Kabbalah and chi Kung into her practice.

Susan has developed and discovered her intuitive gifts which allowed her to expand her practice to offering clairvoyant readings. Her readings bring clarity, confidence, and confirmation of the individual’s journey. She has conducted readings for clients in Canada, the United States and Europe.

‘’The more people I get to interact with on a personal or professional level, the more people I grow to love. Each journey is so amazing, and I am in awe of all.’’


Amanda Bridget Griffin embarked upon the journey of self-discovery through the portal of addiction at age 15.  Today, over 30 years later, she has a toolbox full of experiences through her journey through her journey of trials, failures and successes gleaned from her investment in 12 Step Recovery and years of personal development on all levels: spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically.  These include at the foundation, staying free of alcohol and drugs, but always going deeper experimenting with and investigating her Self through shadow work, with mentors of many kinds, various forms of therapy, yoga, meditation among many others.

Trained in Reiki, and intuitive readings over many years, she has also guided small meditation groups of women regularly for over 4 years.  Ten years on a path with a magnificent teacher as part of a coaching and development team which guided participants on the path of self- knowledge, transformation and self-realization, allowed her to develop skills in deep active listening, group facilitation and personal accompaniment within a strong therapeutic container and with powerful feminine leadership.


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When you join INSPIRED WISE WOMEN LEADERSHIP™ with Brandee, you will:

Have FULL access to the membership portal, that has a ALL classes, including masterclasses, yoga classes, and guided mediations!

Learn more about the  Membership- Book a nourishing call with Brandee

You will have access to TWO MASTERCLASS each and in areas related to spirituality, positive psychology, meditation, pelvic health, science of habit change, tantra for women, knowing your love language, basics of astrology, immune health, nutrition, and INSPIRED WISE WOMEN LEADERSHIP ™.


FEEL More EXCITED!!! A newfound sense of enthusiasm and vitality for life!

Find comfort and ease in your body, when you are feeling stressed , anxiousness, discomfort or pain you will have a toolbox of practices to bring yourself back to alignment.

A deeper connection to your SELF, your body, your soul, your heart. And love. WAY MORE self love.

Make pleasure something that you explore every single day, through methods that are fulfilling and rich, rather than through temporary fillers such as food or drink. YOU are the LIGHT that you seek.

Build friendships for Life!!!


Calm and tranquil!!

 Reclaim your power and, live from that state of EASE, Rather than DISEASE. 


The zoom live classes are dedicated to integrating the theme of the month.

In a zoom live class the class consists of;

–    LECTURE on theme of the month

–       guided mediation

–       somatic movement exploration

–       group sharing

   –    question and answer period

Sometime we just have to take leap of faith and try something totally new.

You deserve to be truly happy, calm, and spiritually free. 


This Program Includes


Weekly live guided meditation practice 

Three live zoom
classes a month

Recorded classes
for members only

Full library of meditation
and yoga practices


Monthly Master health professional guest speakers 

Each month we will cultivate
a healthy habit change

Private Facebook
support group

Knowing you belong

Customers reviews

Brandee is a certified yoga therapist and certified life coach. She has been transforming lives for over 25 years. She guides her students to achieve their highest potential and to find joy and purpose in their lives!

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