We have a Vision. A Vision and also a Dream that we want to invite you into.
It has been echoing and brewing within us for some time. Do you feel it too? Because the time is now for Women to gather in the Spirit of connection, to step into Leadership led by our Wise and Beautiful Hearts, to offer the Light we each embody and to hold one another in Sacred Space.

Walking the journey alone is no longer serving us…
It is the time for us to raise one another up – collectively – into our Highest and Greatest potential and to witness to one another’s unique and precious gifts! This is the reason we are here walking in our female bodies on Mother Earth, after all.

If you have received this invitation, it is because you are ready to explore your deep seated Heart Wisdom and shine it into a world that aches for its nourishment.

Join us on Sunday, January 30th at 10:00 a.m. Bring your tea, bring your coffee, sit in your most comfortable space and settle in for a Women’s sharing circle. This day also coincides with the NEW MOON and the LUNAR NEW YEAR! There could not be a more perfect time to begin this Collective Creation. Together we will honour these energies through meditation and sharing, and use the opportunity of our gathering to tell you more about this program that is intended as a Voyage into our collective Womb Wisdom through storytelling, journal writing Soulful sharing and so much more.

Please sign up by sending an email to for this virtual FREE event.

Looking forward to sitting in the circle with you,

Brandee, Susan and Amanda

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