Yoga Retreat in Mt. Tremblant : Pelvic Floor Yoga, Swim, REST and Yoga Massage.

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Yoga Retreat in Mt. Tremblant : Pelvic Floor Yoga, Swim, REST and Yoga Massage.

August 14, 2019 @ 9:00 am - 4:30 pm



Pelvic Floor Yoga Workshop and Yoga Massage

The pelvic floor muscles are the most neglected muscles in the body, we only notice them when we are dealing with stress or urge incontinence, painful sex or pelvic pain.

WHY is this that we only AWAKEN to ourselves when there is discomfort?

THERE is so much wisdom, joy and self-power through knowing our feminine organs, womb and sex organs. It is EMPOWERING AND LIBERATING!

Pelvic floor yoga integrates yoga poses, pelvic anatomy and breathing techniques to support your pelvic floor health. Often overlooked, the pelvic floor is key for maintaining good posture. Instability of the pelvic floor can lead to overall health problems in our hips, knees, spine, organs and effect our nervous system. Located at the base of the spine, between the sitting bones, tailbone and pubic bone, the pelvic floor creates the foundation of our whole body.

Through pelvic floor yoga you will learn anatomy, build awareness of your own pelvic floor and empower yourself by exploring your unique habits and strengthening your relationship with your pelvic floor! Your pelvis is the physical, and energetic home within your body that holds wisdom and energetic healing. It is time to connect to this sacred feminine power space

I hope that you will be able to share in this sacred WOMEN only Workshop!

There is so much to learn and practice to transform our relationship with our precious pelvis!

If you experience:

Frequent urination
Pelvic pain
Painful intercourse

AUGUST 14th, 9:00AM-4:30pm

9am-12pm-pelvic floor yoga



Studio Yogabloom
Mont Tremblant
POTLUCK LUNCH will be served.

$100 cost of workshop. Space is Limited
Please reserve your spot by e-transfer or pay Angi directly. Limited space so reserve now.


$100.00Read more


August 14, 2019
9:00 am - 4:30 pm