December Yoga Offers

December Yoga Offers

Feel the Fear and take the LEAP!

Have you ever felt terrified?

Frozen in your tracks?

Locked in fear?

 I have… there are moments in our lives- CHANGES, that ignite transformation.

THE TRANSFORMATION  process is one  of ultimate surrendering , a time that break us open.

The pain eventually begins to re-mold  us. It makes us stronger, more  compassionate, wiser and kinder.

As a yoga teacher, I find my strength through my practice and teaching.

Using my practice  as an offering of  healing, I assist you in returning to the medicine of the body.

We are in a time of great need for self-care, self-resilience and rebuilding ourselves from the inside.

 In Quebec right now there is a campaign, 12 days of action against the violence against women.

A dear friend of mine is in crisis at the moment. SHE has reminded me of  the importance of women supporting each other. 

I will be offering a special class for women only- it will be gentle and trauma sensitive, as part of the campaign against domestic violence.  Read more here

 From now until the end of 2020,  I will be donating 10% of all sales to the women shelter.

 My upcoming offerings:

 1.     5 pre-recorded classes I will be delivering 1 a week starting Dec4-Jan 1. 2021.

         Recordings are yours to keep. $75 e-transfer

2.     Immune Reset Workshop with  co- taught with Natalie Lavers, Wellness Consultant – Nov 29-Dec 13th  

         Sundays 4-5:30 pm -Nutrition -Mindset-Yoga. $95 for 3 lives sessions and 3 additional practices. $95 total.

3.     Nourish your Soul – Membership – Spirituality & Sisterhood – this month’s theme Cultivating Self Compassion.

       We meet on Sundays 10-11:30 am.  Treat yourself to the power of connection to Self and others. Discover more here

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