I am excited to announce my new online course that will connect you to your


This course is for you!

  • You are a spiritual seeker
  • You are ready to upgrade your health and live more joyously
  • You live with chronic illness
  • You are in recovery from alcohol, drugs, overeating or shopping
  • You are a yoga teacher looking for inspiration
  • You are completely NEW to yoga
  • You are on a quest for wholeness

I wanted to offer this  sacred course to uplift you spiritually, physically and  emotionally!

Together we will practice attuning to the soul, and build a healthier and more radiant joyful YOU!

I have been on the spiritual path for over 30 years, and I have accumulated many practical practices to bring me back into alignment with spirit! As a teacher, I feel called to share these simple transformational practices!

This low cost course is a heart offering for you Beautiful Souls!

The course consists of:

– yoga video practices on organ health and  a gentle restorative practices.

– sacred ritual.

– several guided meditations

– inspirational soul based writing prompts.

Once purchasing the  course it  will be automatically downloaded to your inbox on a daily basis.

The course will be offered at a special price of $57 from now until Feb 14th.

The course after Feb 15th will be $97.

It a perfect gift for yourself or a valentine gift for your loved ones.

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