Courage the Foundation of Growth

Courage the Foundation of Growth

Courage the Foundation of Growth

“Do you ever wanna run away, get scared you’ll lose your faith
Like it’s all gonna stop on you, walk out on you
Yeah I do too!”

These are the lyrics of a beautiful song, I do too, by The Reklaws.
Inspiring words of courage and faith that are common to us all.

We all have fears. Especially in sharing our personal stories. This week I have had the great opportunity to share my story through an interview with Darleen Wong of Boudior Therapy. Listen here for full interview.

Much courage is required to move beyond the surface and look back at our life’s journey. Being willing to vulnerably listen to your voice share your journey, inspire others to explore their own story. The voice is a powerful instrument, and  by silencing our stories we can manifest an assortment of bodily ailments and physical symptoms. Sharing is healing.

What  difficulties have you overcome to be who you are today?

Everyday we are given the opportunity to reflect on our accomplishments and continue to courageously stand up for our authentic truth.

“Everybody’s got beautiful, we all got scars
Why hide behind the filter, you’re a perfect work of art”

To speak your truth is a courageous act of healing. The freedom of speaking serves the spirit, our emotions need a safe place to come out and be set free. My hope is to continue holding sacred space for you, so you have a place to express yourself and have the opportunity to be heard, and to inspire others through your journey.

I hope to see you, listen to you and share sacred space with you in one of my upcoming workshops.

May 5th,  2:00-4:30 pm  Pelvic Floor Awakening at Sun and Moon Yoga- Dorval
May 26th 10:00am-12:00 pm  Sister’s in Sobriety
May 26th 1:30-3:30 pm  Freeing the Wild, Powerful Feminine: Embodying Abundance!

Please enjoy my new Youtube channel click here to practice with me.

With Love,

TUESDAY   5:45-7:00 PM
8 Week session  May 7th-June 18th $161
Cost : $25  drop inMay 5th  2:00-4:30 pm
$50 PRE-REGISTARTION BEFORE April 28th- Register here
$60 AFTER April 28th
Location: Sun and Moon yoga- Dorval

Pelvic floor yoga integrates yoga poses, pelvic anatomy and breathing techniques to support your pelvic floor health.  Often overlooked, the pelvic floor is key for  maintaining  good posture. Instability of the pelvic floor can lead to overall health  problems in our hips, knees, spine, organs and effect our nervous system.
If you experience:
Frequent urination
Pelvic pain
Painful intercourse
Pelvic Shame
Pelvic Floor Yoga can help you!
Freeing the Wild, Powerful Feminine:
Embodying Abundance!

Sunday, May 26, 2019
1:30-3:30pm Women only workshop
with Brandee Safran and Kara Johnston
Pre-registration before May 20:
​$40 paid to

At the door: $50
How does abundance manifest in your life? We can connect to abundance and prosperity through many channels: wealth, family, friends, greater community, and the natural world, for example. Ultimately abundance is the inner feeling of being “full up”!

“Lakshmi” is the Shakti of abundance and prosperity. She is the ceaseless energy that manifests the magnificence of the natural world and also embodies the spiritual gifts that lie hidden therein.  She is the “mother” that cannot stop giving: embodied in the life-giving force of women and in the Earth itself. Connect to the essence, the rasa, of life in this experiential workshop, mantra, chanting, yoga and meditation.

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