I want to invite you to a FREE 3 day event, tailored to Nourish Your Body, Mind and Heart! I will offer you my BEST tips for self -care! I have helped  my students find their inner calm and thrive in all areas of their lives.  Are you ready to take the challenge of showing up for yourself? 

Benefits of Yoga

Stress Reduction

Research has shown that meditation may also improve symptoms of stress-related conditions.

Overall Health

Can help improve the flexibility and mobility in the joints and spine.


Offers many therapeutic benefits helping individuals heal from athletic injuries, arthritis and sciatic.

Take your Well Being to the next level with the 3 day challenge

Yoga, meditation and positive mindset are the tools used for TRANSFORMATION.

In order to see a shift in your JOY you must show up to do the work. Healing in isolation does not work, reading a book does not solve your problems. 

We must connect with others like ourselves to overcome our challenges and to rise into our greatness

We believe every steps count, and the gift that come along with the countless obstacles in our lives

We believe in the beauty and strength behind every individual and the differences that makes us unique