Libra New Moon Circle for all Relationships

Libra New Moon Circle for all Relationships

Join us for a Libra New Moon Ceremony.

We will be exploring a new way of relating to ourselves and each other.
On Libra New Moon on October 6, 2021, we will gather at 8-9:15pm Et. 

Libra energy is all about finding balance, seeking the middle ground, and seeing things from both sides. Libra has the gift of being able to balance the scales so that everyone feels they are getting their fair share.
On deeper levels however, Libra energy is about relating. It is about working in harmony with others, with nature, and with all of life. It is about seeing both the oneness and the duality and living life from this space.

This New Moon may be your wake up call to reclaim your power and to balance the scales in your own life and all your  relationships.

Astrologer Maripier Carignan, Eric Antonette and I will guide you in a ceremonial evening:
– Guided meditation on the new moon
– Acupressure points to invoke clarity and intuition
– Learning about the energy of a Libra New Moon.
– How it affects the masculine and the feminine energies.
– Learn the actual planet positions. 
– Create a specific blueprint writing reflection to help work on manifesting what is desired for your couple, or your future partner.

Claim your spot today
Oct.6th 2021
8-9:15pm Est

$25 a person- Register click here.
$35 a couple-  Register click here.
If you cannot make the workshop we will send you the replay.

We will send the zoom link out with all the details on Oct.5th,

Maripier has been studying astrology for 34 years; she is also an aromatherapist, a naturopath, an aesthetician and an acupressurist. She loves to bring balance and relaxation to her clients in her physical treatments or guide them through their chart for increased inner knowledge or reflection.

In Sacredness,
Brandee, Maripier and Eric 

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