The Art of Embodied Listening ALL ACCESS

Therapeutic yoga practice with Brandee!


Free eBook

Ebook (well designed, edited, illustrated, high quality)


How To Be Mesmerizing And Own Your Space Of Influence

Andrea Lieberstein

Free Chapter from “Well Nourished” and a Meditation

  • Learn about the Well Nourished Model of Transformation
  • Learn about your 8 Bodies/8 Key Aspects of Yourself that Need Nourishment
  • Receive an introductory mindfulness meditation practice

Antoinette Layoun


NeuroJoy: The science of Joy – Body and heart

  • Ancient civilization and the new science
  • The heart connection and the quantum leap
  • Tools to cultivate and share living in Joy!

Cortney McDermott


Guided meditation

Dr. Rachel Allyn


Begin Again Meditation

Eiji Morishia

10 Gifts of Genius plus access to Movement Makers Daily Dose of Inspiration

  • Be aware of the gifts you are born with so you can be your best through the 10 Grateful Gifts of Genius worksheet.
  • Get Our Movement Makers Daily Dose of Inspirations for free.
  • Special Bonus: 6+ Figure Makeover Quiz.

Dr. Elsbeth Meuth &
Freddy Zental Weaver

Ignite Your Relationship

How to Use Tantric Practices to Light That Intimate Spark You’ve Been Dreaming About

Eva Blake

Intentional Intimacy Series

Practice series to deepen and nurture your most important relationship — the one you have with yourself.

Dr. Roberta Godbe-Tipp &
Jeffrey Tipp

The Nature of the Mind.

Nothing is more fundamental than the Mind itself….the experiential context for all forms of psychotherapy.
Looking more deeply into the Mind’s Nature can engender profound confidence in our basic well-being.

Kristina Lee Jensen

The Ultimate Spiritual Toolkit for Faith Rebels

  • Five Secret Ways to Increase Your Faith
  • Practical Tips and Tricks You Can Use Right Now
  • New Ways to Think About Both Old and New Practice

Leia Cohen

Beginner Tai Flow

Gentle guided practice

Liana Chaouli

Discover Your Essential Formula™ Video Series

The video series covers:

  • The different components of YOUR Essential Formula™ – The blueprint of what makes you brilliant.
  • How to determine YOUR unique color palette, so you can choose clothes that really make you shine
  • How to pick clothes for your body structure, so you can pick clothes that FEEL great on you – (Feel Great = Look Great)

Lisa LaJoie

Meditation for Connecting to Your Intuition.

  • Understand up to your intuitive guidance
  • Open the door to your intuition
  • Connect to your intuition daily

Megumi Fujita

Pleasure is Your Birthright

3 part video training series

•How to have a deeper connection with your body
so you can deeply nourish the parts of you that tend to get forgotten.
•How to indulge your five senses for maximal full-body pleasure.
•How to design a self-care routine that is tailored to fill YOU with bliss.

Radha Metr0-Midkiff

Yoga Class

Choose a yoga class of your choice.

Trisha Durham

The Yoga Teacher Toolkit PDF

Choose a yoga class of your choice.

10 actionable ways to update and refresh your movement practice.
A special guide for teachers and students that will light up fresh insights
that will guide you into your own signature alignment.