About Brandee

About Brandee

Mama, yoga therapist, reiki healer spiritual guide and vulnerable soul. An embodied and dedicated yogini since 1988.

Brandee is an experienced coach, healer, and yoga therapist for women who want to breakthrough their limitations, get unstuck, and live an inspired life.


Her journey started at age 14, when she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. She spent much of her teenage years suffering from painful attacks caused by the inflammation of the disease, but it launched her into a spirtual path and led to her discovery of yoga in 1988.


Since that time, she has honed her craft and has pioneered many programs, such as yoga for digestive heath, yoga for pelvic floor awakening, and women’s school of ecstatic awakening.


She has a special ability to help women get unstuck after experiencing, loss, divorce, a diagnosis, or life transition. Today she’s on a mission to activate women into the leaders they were meant to be.