Vijnana Yoga

The origin of the term vijñāna 
According to the great Vedantist philosopher Sankara, vijñāna is a deep understanding or knowing that cannot come about merely through outer knowledge. Even the knowledge expounded by our teachers and the inspiration we receive from spiritual texts is not enough. Vijñāna is when inner clarity is revealed through personal experience.

VijnanaYoga, founded by Orit Sen-Gupta. Orit studied with B.K.S. Iyengar, PattabiJois and studied and taught with Dona Holeman.

Practicing from inside
In searching for a way of moving the body as one un-fragmented unit Orit gradually discarded the overuse of anatomical terms, which tend to view the body from the outside. Listening from inside, she found that adhering to the middle and using the 7 vital principles, allows for a simple yet precise asana practice. This, she feels, frees us to celebrate the pure joy of moving and being.

Brandee is a certified vijnana teacher since 1998. She feels blessed to have Orit as her teacher, and guide to experience the depth of knowledge, passion, wisdom and heartfelt commitment to unraveling the human potential of embodiement.