“When I was diagnosed with my first relapse of multiple sclerosis in October 2015, I lost my balance and some of my strength in both physical and emotional terms. Having read about the scientifically proven benefits of meditation and yoga for overcoming the physical and psychological elements of multiple sclerosis, I was looking for a yoga and meditation teacher who had personal experience with chronic health conditions. I was so happy to find Brandee to begin this important new stage in my life and to work with her as part of a holistic approach to treating multiple sclerosis (that included medication, physiotherapy, and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy). We began with a few private classes to get me started and I was eventually able to participate in a weekly group gentle yoga class that she leads at L’Esprit Réhabilitation.

Working with Brandee has been an integral component of my approach to fighting multiple sclerosis and achieving well-being over the last year. With her help, guidance, positive energy, and warmth, I have built a daily yoga and meditation practice. I now have stronger balance, core strength, and better flexibility than I did before the on-set of my disease. I have also sought to integrate mindfulness in my personal life and work and have developed a greater sense of compassion for myself and others. In many ways, I would say that I am healthier, physically and mentally, than I was before my diagnosis. Anyone who may feel “broken” in one way or another should consider working with Brandee. She will provide you with the support, tools, and practices that you need to put yourself back together. For my part, I hope to continue practicing with her for many years to come.”

— Sébastien Jodoin

Thank you for bringing deep body awareness into your Yoga classes, your expertise and knowledge have brought great benefits to my body.

— Martha Gomez!

“Just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful workshop!    Good news, no stomach cramps or bloating since yoga, what a joy!  I know  have a bounce in my step and a lightness in my heart.”

— Hannah

Brandee I just want to mention to you that I feel so blessed that I have joined yoga classes with you. Every time I leave the class I feel so energetic peaceful really I do feel like a million bucks!!!!!!
Thank you Brandee, Thank you!

— Rea

“Brandee’s yoga is incredible! She welcomes all levels and truly brings you to a zen meditative level while pushing your strengths in all types of different poses. Great for digestion, relaxation and practicing your breathing”

— Torrie K. Mcdonough

“I am very grateful that Brandee has been my Yoga teacher for the past 13 years. She is an amazing insructor who brings out the best in all her students. As a health care professional I am always impressed with Brandee’s ability to adapt all aspects of her class to meet the needs and limitations of her students. Brandee’s teaching comes straight from her heart. A place that is full of wisdom and kindness. I always leave Brandee’s class with greater clarity and focus and a general sense of well-being in mind, body and spirit.”

— Monica Kosiuk

Yoga for digestive health program has changed my relationship with my body, digestion and outlook on life.
The impact of the program, has been life changing for me , I am so grateful to Brandee for supporting me on my journey to WELLNESS!

— Marcia

“This course has helped me with overall calmness, mental clarity and an increase in flexibility and stability.”

— Aline

“I loved my experience in the Yoga for Digestive Health program It was helpful, healing and inspiring!”

— Poetry

“Brandee is an incredibly gifted teacher whose in-depth knowledge of yoga inspires me both on and off the mat. Thanks to her insightful guidance, I am stronger, more at home in my body, and able to meet greater challenges in my practice.”

— Edith

I have been doing yoga with Brandee for many years. Of all the yoga teachers I have had I always feel the best after a session with Brandee. She always takes the time to know every person in her class, their issues or pains and gears classes to help their particular needs. I often walk into one of Brandee’s classes feeling overwhelmed, achy or simply annoyed but I inevitably walk out with an incredible calmness, determination to face any challenge and a serene feeling.

She shares inspiring words of wisdom before class, focuses on well being, has a terrific mix of challenging yoga poses, stretches and sequences that will make a body feel whole. And above all that watching her demonstrate poses is a feast for our eyes. It is a terrific motivator to see what a body could achieve with regular practice! Thank you Brandee!

— Claudia

Brandee is an inspirational teacher and person. Treat yourself to one of her classes. You will be grateful that you did.


A beautiful spirit, wise and inspiring, and an incredible yoga instructor! – Faith

Brandee’s yoga and meditation has helped tremendously! She is a top-notch yoga and meditation instructor

— Jon

“Brandee is a very inspiring teacher. I leave her class feeling at ease in my mind and body.”

— Lea Cohen

It is so difficult to learn and to change in our later years. Brandee Safran has taught me how to focus, how to breath and has enabled me to add flexibility and strength which has seriously improved my quality of life. I am so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to know Brandee and to learn the greater importance of the present. Paul Ostrov