Brandee Safran ,BSc., yoga teacher, reiki healer, health coach, and Brandee+Safran vulnerable soul has been a certified vinjana yoga teacher yoga since 1998.

Brandee uses her body as a vehicle for healing. With yoga, she offers her students a journey into exploring their bodies through breath awareness, conscious movement resulting in increased body alignment and discovering their innate freedom of JOY.

Embarking on the path of healing at age 16, Brandee has been committed to investigating yoga’s qualities of healing through life’s challenges. She states that contractions are her expertise and learning to expand from their compression force are the very gifts of the practice of healing through yoga.

At age 14, Brandee was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease‚Ä®. She went through much of her teenage years suffering from painful attacks caused by the inflammation of the disease. After spending most of the year in the hospital at age 16, she was operated on which resulted in allowing Brandee to return to a normal lifestyle.

Freedom arrived in her life when she was introduced to yoga and meditation at age 16. Returning to wholeness, celebrating limitations and releasing the surreal vision of perfect that we hold for ourselves.

Brandee offers her students an exploration into feeling from within through body and breathe awareness.

Brandee feels forever grateful to her teachers, Orit Sen-Gupta, Paul Muller-Ortega, Patricia Walden, Anne Dellenbaugh, Dr. Joni Dittrich, Deb Neubauer and her three children, Nadav, Emily and Evan.

Yoga for digestive health