What hooks you into DOING rather than just be BEING?

What hooks you into DOING rather than just be BEING?


Dear Beautiful One, 

Change of season is upon us.
We are settling into the muddy, wet, unpredictable season of Spring.
Preparing for the blossoming but first the rains will prevail to clear away the debris of winter.
For many of us, this season is challenging on our physical well-being.
The transition season can trigger autoimmune conditions and enhance mood swings. As our bodies prepare for the next season.
I have personally been experiencing an increase of Crohns symptoms, my body is depleted and the unwanted fears of pain are all roaring to get my attention.
Fear is not uncommon to us human beings. We have all developed strategies to protect ourselves. A common one is physical muscular contraction; tensing and suiting up in our armor for protection!
Defending ourselves by running, staying busy, numbing, judging or just flooding the mind with negative thoughts. Can you identify your pattern?
I invite you to  PAUSE and identify your patterns of avoidance. This is where you can begin to heal.  Healing occurs in present time, in the midst of the discomfort. This is a practice that can be developed with the willingness to feel, recognize and hold yourself with tenderness.
As Tara Brach explains the term “Presence” as our attempt to capture the immediacy and aliveness of this intrinsic awareness.  An embodied experience, returning home to the heart and body with compassion and kindness. Presence creates a boundless sanctuary where there’s room for everything in life – even the pain as part of the wholeness of the moment.
I invite you to be open to the space of relaxation in the present moment.  
Allow all of life to arise, to BE just as it is, the fear and the doubt.
Allow it to BE without gripping, grasping or changing the situation.
Just allow it to BE.
What hooks you into DOING rather than just be BEING?
As you move through the day I invite you into the exploration of presence, allow all your senses to be wide open, your body and mind relaxed, receptive of letting life flow freely, as the season changes lets allow ourselves the fluidity of aliveness.
I look forward to practicing with you, I will be offering a NEW pelvis floor workshop on May 5th at Sun and Moon yoga studio in Dorval, register here and I will continue my weekly YOGA classes at L’Esprit.
I have also designed a NEW EXCLUSIVE & LIMITED collection of Sukha sacs for Mother’s day! Check out my Instagram or Facebook to place your orders.

With many blessings of BEING,

“You need all your energy for silence of the mind, and it is only in emptiness, in complete emptiness, that a new thing can be”- J. Krishnamurti

8 Week session ( March 12- April 30th)
TUESDAY 12:15-1:35 PM
TUESDAY   5:45-7:00 PM

Cost : $25  drop inMay 5th  2:00-4:30 pm
$50PRE-REGISTARTION BEFORE April 28th- Register here
$60 AFTER April 28th
Location: Sun and Moon yoga- Dorval

Pelvic floor yoga integrates yoga poses, pelvic anatomy and breathing techniques to support your pelvic floor health.  Often overlooked, the pelvic floor is key for  maintaining  good posture. Instability of the pelvic floor can lead to overall health  problems in our hips, knees, spine, organs and effect our nervous system.
If you experience:
Frequent urination
Pelvic pain
Painful intercourse
Pelvic Shame
Pelvic Floor Yoga can help you!

-vendome metro


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