Today is a celebration for us all. To honor where we come from, our lineage, our mothers, our daughters, our sisters, our wise teachers and our OWN personal journey as a WOMAN! As women we have accomplished so much in the past century, a tireless battle of...

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Global  Morning News interview. Brandee talks to Camille Ross about her 8 week “yoga for digestive health program"
People view my yoga practice as skillful, graceful and strong. Few people know of my journey with yoga and how the postures helped heal my own body. In 1996, I was in the middle of my intense 3-year yoga teacher training with Orit Sen-Gupta. Orit was guiding us through the yoga posture of the wheel, a pose that stretches your body into a shape of the wheel. As I thought of this pose, I started to tremble, the thought of stretching the skin on my stomach literally made me sick; I started to cry in fear.
Listen in on CJAD's Barry Morgan interviewing Brandee about her Yoga for Digestive Health program. They discuss how Brandee developed self-healing and stress-management tools for her own life-long digestive disorders using yoga poses,